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Harlow Home Design Installed Foundation & Exterior Wall InsulationSystem 

  • What is InSoFast?

InSoFast is a style of engineered continuous insulation that comes in 2ft x 4ft interlocking panels. They can be applied universally to any type of interior or exterior wall assembly in both new and retrofit construction projects to add insulation R- value to meet or exceed code requirements.

  • Why should I insulate my basement or exterior wall?

Because a perfectly insulated wall should be easily achievable.

As much as we love our products we believe insulation is an invisible technology. It sits between the layers of a wall that people actually care about and should do its job so well they’ll never have to think about it.

  • What makes our foundation insulation panels exceptional?

A combination of many things, such as:

    • thermally-stable EPS insulation,
    • seamless interlocking edges that don’t require taping,
    • a thermally continuous barrier that includes non-conductive stud framing every 16” O.C.,
    • an all-inclusive space-saving profile,
    • code-depth electrical channels that run horizontally and vertically along the edge of every panel,
    • capillary channels designed to redirect the flow of moisture and act as a certified rain screen in exterior applications,

The list goes on. Our InSoFast foundation & exterior wall insulation panels are designed for and used by professionals in the construction industry for commercial & residential applications.

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4 Reasons to Choose InSoFast
For Your Basement Project

InSoFast EX 2.5 panels are designed to weather the rigors of an exterior application. They are built thicker, tougher and tighter and the naming scheme is no accident. Think exterior application, but don't leave out exceeds: code, extreme conditions, & extra insulation. Here are some excellent reasons InSoFast outside panel can help you to save on the inside.

1. Extra Insulation

Simply put, InSoFast EX panels have more insulation. With a mere ½ inch of added thickness, they gain 20% more insulation than UX panels. It is great for future-proofing the value of your home. Codes are always changing, always improving. Why not stay ahead of the curve.
Staying ahead may be especially important if you have a home built after 2009. Inquire with local Building officials about your regional R-Value requirements. While building codes vary by region, we have found that new construction needs the insulation to meet R-10 in the material alone.
The InSoFast EX 2.5 panels starts at a continuous R-10 and can easily beat out a wood-framed R-15.

2. Tighter Interlocks

In some cases, it's possible to install an EX wall too fast. The PL Premium adhesive has about a 30-45-minute open time before it starts to cure and the final set begins. Now, it is important not to move the panels or you could compromise the bond strength. We recommend bracing lower panels against the wall or install bottom panel row completely around the foundation first so that higher panels do not push them out. The bottom line is that EX is tighter.
The tightness of EX contributes two primary benefits. The first is a more effective continuous insulation. The second benefit is structural self-leveling. Tighter interlocks work like the temporary bracing we mentioned above. They keep the EX barrier truer and straighter, enabling it to bridge over cups, bows and other irregularities in the concrete wall.

3. Working Around Windows is Easier

At a thickness of 2½ inches, EX panels are a perfect match for standard 2×3 lumber. Your attachment surface will be perfectly flush. If you install ½-inch drywall, everything will lay evenly at 3 simple inches.

4. Electrical Boxes

Too many wires in too small a box? That's an avoidable safety hazard. With the extra thickness on the EX panel, there is room for deeper electrical boxes, including those shallow masonry boxes.
Take note of the electrical specs for your basement. With a ½-inch of drywall, you can install boxes as deep as 3 inches. You'll avoid some potential safety hazards, make your electrician happy, and give yourself some room to expand.

+ R-10 Continuous Insulation
At 2 ½-in thickness, InSoFast EX 2.5's closed-cell, injection molded EPS foam body achieves R-10 insulation.
EPS foam is non-toxic, inert insulation that maintains its R-value throughout the life of your building. Because it does not absorb moisture like open-cell types of bead board. It is rated highly for below-grade applications like basements. The EPS body is a fire-retardant material and serves as a Class III vapor barrier.
In conclusion, InSoFast panels are designed to simplify an advanced approach to building's that exceeds today's efficiency standards in preparation for a Net-Zero Energy future.

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